Sofía López Mañan is an Argentine...
Sofía López Mañan is an Argentine photographer with a degree in filmmaking based in Buenos Aires.

She has more than 10 years of experience documenting themes related to human relationship with biodiversity. She currently studies naturalism and mycology to acquire further knowledge in biology and conservation laws. Sofía has worked with NGOs such as Rewilding, Santuarios do Brasil, Perpetual Spirit and for the past five year she has been an active collaborator Andean Condor Project (PCCA). She has also worked with the Argentine Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development in illegal animal traffic investigation. As a Visual Storytelling National Geographic Explorer, she has recently finished the project The Bird King on condor conservation and its relationship with Andean cosmogony.

She was also a recipient of the National Geographic Emergency Funds for Journalists where she documented the transfer of an elephant during the pandemic to a sanctuary in Brazil. This project was longlisted in the World Press Photo. She is also an active team member on the project The Earth Kidney together with Sebastian Lopez Brach.

As a documentary photographer she is finishing a long term project "The Fall of Nature" where she investigate “nature” as a cultural construction.

As a filmmaker she is currently finishing her Opera Prima, a six year project on Japanese migration to Argentina, supported by a grant from the Argentine Cinema Institute (INCAA). She was part of National Geographic Field Ready Program where she developed skills as a documentarist and she is in an internship at Remedy Production House.                      



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